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Level Up Your Hair Game: Coi Leray's Best Braided Hairstyles

By Ghanima Abdullah

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Rapper Coi Leray definitely introduced her signature look as braided hair. Her style is characterized by medium length or short box braids in different colors and thicknesses.
Starting out, she did the style herself, but it was quickly copied and you can get it done in any braid salon. What to ask for? Coi Leray braids.

Coi Leray's Braided Hairstyles

Here are some of Coi Leray's most popular braided hairstyles, plus a few extras, and how you or your stylist can achieve them:

1. Coi Leray Ghana braids

Coi Leray Ghana braids

Ghana braids are two levels of small cornrows. To create these, you section off the crown of the head first. Then create box braids with the rest of the hair. Come back to the crown , part the middle and do small cornrows to each side. Coi added beads here!

2. Coi Leray braids with curly ends

Here you have jumbo knotless braids created with hair that’s already curled at the ends. All you need to do to reform the curls after braiding, is to comb the ends gently in a spiral fashion to bring the single curl back together.

3. Coi Leray long braids

Coi Leray long braids

Coi created these knotless braids using a small amount of extension hair so that they aren’t jumbo braids. It’s also made with the hair that’s curled at the end. To get tighter curls, you can use perm rods on the ends, but heat isn’t recommended to use on synthetic hair.

4. Coi Leray poetic braids

Coi Leray poetic braids

These individual braids have a unique parting at the crown that makes them poetic braids.The curls were created on her natural hair just by winding a finger around the tip of the braid with a little gel to accentuate the curl.

5. Coi Leray rope braids

Coi Leray rope braids

These rope braids were created with very neat parts similar to box braids. The ropes, or twists, were created using a little gel on the fingers to make sure they stay well formed.

6. Coi Leray jumbo braids

Coi Leray jumbo braids

Coi has eight or ten knotless braids added here. These are actually crochet braids, created by inserting three strands of extension hair with a crochet latch hook underneath individual box braids. Then the hair is braided with the person’s actual hair. Sometimes jumbo braids are crafted to be really thick, but these look good on her.

7. Coi Leray's small braids

Coi Leray's small braids

These are braids created from short hair without extensions. She has beautiful accents added.

8. Coi Leray red braids

Coi Leray red braids

If you ask for Coi Leray braids you can get them in a fantastic red hue! These are jumbo knotless braids.

9. Coi Leray's tinsel braids

Coi Leray's tinsel braids

Coi doesn’t like to use a lot of extension hair, but she does like long looks. These have tinsel braided in to match her jewelry.

10. Coi Leray braids blonde

Coi Leray braids blonde

And if you ask for Coi Leray braids, you can have them as blonde as you like.

11. Coi Leray French braids

Coi Leray French braids

If there were ever a time Coi Leray wore French braids, it would look like this! French braids are made by braiding underhand and picking up a little hair as you go along.

12. Coi Leray Yarn Braids

Coi Leray Yarn Braids

If you want some color in your life, you could do a Coi Leray style with yarn braids. These are created similarly to knotless braids. Make box braids in your hair, then use a crochet latch hook to insert three strands of yarn at the root and braid, braid, braid.


Braids are an easy style to create. The most important part of most styles is getting the parts straight, then once you do, to define them with braid gel.

Try some of these styles for yourself and don’t forget to tag us on social media when you do! To keep the style going, tag other braid artists as well, or even Coi Leray herself!